Kelowna Fall Wedding – Isaac & Paige


A Beautiful Golden Fall Wedding \ Kelowna BC

This Kelowna wedding was very close to my heart.  Paige has been a dear friend for several years and once Isaac moved to Kelowna to be near her, I grew to love him as a close friend as well.  I think what endears me to these two is the kindness and gentleness that they show to one another and they extend those loving qualities to their friends and family as well.  

The wedding day started hectic as all weddings do.  The girls were busy preparing hair and make-up.  Paiges friend Paige ( how awesome to have a friend with the same name) and her sister Maddie were so creative with the hair styles.  And Melanie with Shimmer and Gloss had the girls looking naturally stunning.  Paiges mother, Lynda helped slip Paige into her dress and button up all the final details of the dress and shoes.  Before we knew it, it was time to depart for the first look location at an old heritage home in the downtown area.  

Isaac was patiently waiting for his beautiful bride to arrive, and when she did, Isaac was moved, as we all were, including Paiges family as they were peeking through the fence for a little glimpse of the first look.  Fall leaves covered the grassy areas with a golden carpet of crispy leaves, as fall was well along in the season and I was happy that the leaves hadn’t been collected before the wedding day.  

Next we were off to an acreage bordering Mission Creek, for the bridal portraits and finished off with family portraits at Guisachan Park.  We had a very long list of family and close friends to cover for photos and Paige’s close family friend Cory was organizing the whole tribe for me.  I honestly couldn’t have done it without her!  Now comes the time to go get married!  

Isaac and Paige opted for an evening wedding ceremony at Laurel Packing House followed by the reception there immediately after.  The food and decorations were incredible!  They had so many talented people helping out to make the evening special.  A definite highlight was the fresh donuts with accompanying sauces.  The speeches brought most to tears, especially the emotional speech from Paiges mom, Lynda.  It was so heartfelt and genuine.  And who could forget the father/daughter dance!  Well, that was one to remember.  Those two really know how to rip up the dance floor.  A good time really was had by ALL.  

All the best on your new life together Isaac and Paige!

First we’ll have a sneak peak at the bridal portraits that were taken at Fintry Estate a few weeks before the wedding.  Paige looked stunning and so excited for her upcoming day.


The wedding day begins with a morning of preparations and excitement.



The emotional first look location was at a Heritage home in downtown Kelowna.